People considering vineyard planting and replanting in San Luis Obispo County have new considerations. The Paso Robles groundwater basin and the Oak Woodland Ordinance.

Properties that are within the Paso Robles Groundwater mapped area may not be able to plant vineyard or other irrigated crops. Stricter regulations fall on the areas within the LOS3 area "Red Zone".

The permanent Oak Woodland Ordinance took effect May 11, 2017. The ordinance includes the requirement for Minor Use Permit approval to remove a Heritage oak, an added ordinance a definition for “thinning,” and a prohibition of clear-cutting on slope of thirty percent or greater. On a separate motion, the Commission recommended the Board direct staff to prepare or to investigate an ordinance that would regulate the clear-cutting of mixed-genus native tree woodlands and woodlands with non-native trees. If you have any questions contact San Luis Obispo County Planning, Megan Martin, (805)781-4163 or